I've been motion designer 3D artist for 15 years. I also have 15 years of experience in making popcorn during long editing sessions. My career started in Istanbul, Turkey (where I was born) as an intern graphic designer for national television. I made video content and promos for the news and sports departments. It was a great place to begin my career. After moving to Melbourne in 2009, I studied interactive digital media and graphic design.

I've been freelancing since 2011, but only started making it my full-time job last two years. I worked in the textile industry for over ten years, creating rug designs and coordinating product photoshoots for marketing campaigns and websites.

My clients include Optus, Virgin, RMIT, Medibank, Samsung, and Coles. Besides freelance work, I also work for a local company. I specialize in product photography, photoshop, graphic design, and illustration. I'm also proficient in Adobe Creative Suite, Cinema 4D. Experimenting and expanding my skills are always in my mind.

In my spare time, I like making music with modular gears, pen plotting, and experimenting with Ardunio and Raspberry Pi. I'm also learning Processing to improve my generative design skills. I love the challenge of discovering new ways of creating and expressing myself with technology.

Currently, I work remotely for a variety of direct clients. It's fun to stay motivated, seek out new opportunities, and find people, companies where my motion design work can make a real difference. I'm passionate about creating motion designs that are both visually appealing and functional. I strive to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the motion design industry and use this knowledge to create innovative, inspiring motion designs. It would be great to hear from you.

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